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How it works?

PSH-TOIO Program

Controlled & Patented Light sequences

The application of light, in well-controlled frequencies allows the individual a general physiological and psychological relaxation while increasing vitality. The brain quickly modulates induced alpha waves, the brain’s rhythm when meditation sets in. Use results in a state of calm and relaxation as well as a subtle stimulation of metabolic balance. The device used is a technology patented by Prof. Dr. Corneliu Moldovan, oncologist and expert in acupuncture & laser therapy.

Lamp 1: violet light (380-410nm) having a pulse frequency which appears continuous to the human eye.

Lamp 2: cylindrical shape made of quartz, emits a light of violet (380-410nm), green (520-540nm) or white color, under three types of pulsation.

Lamp 3: designed in the same way as lamp two, programmed with different pulses.


Science & Chromotherapy

Nobel Price, 1903

Granted to Dr. Niels Finsien (1860-1904) for the technique of treatment for “Lupus Vulgaris” with UV radiation produced by a lamp with the carbon arc working with a system of filters and lenses. In 1923, Russian researcher Alexander Gurswith brought to light “mitogenetic radiation” and the fact that cells in the living biological organism exchange information with each other through UV radiation.

biophotons equilibrium

In the 1980s, Fritz Albert Popp, German researcher in oncology, updated the importance of UV radiation for the life of biological bodies and called this radiation “BIOFOTON”. “The balance of biofotons in any biological body contributes to its health.”

FDA approuved

In December 2000, the doctors of the Medical College of Wisconsin – Milwakee, rediscovered the importance of light in the cure of various diseases, thanks to the technology developed for the space capsules for NASA. The FDA has approved studies and research done by NASA’s Department of Technology Transfer – Marshal Space Flight Center – Huntsville, Alabama.



Light for NASA and its astronauts

1965, NASA wonders about the problem that astronauts, part of a certain time in space, return to Earth with muscle and bone atrophies.

They launched their issue worldwide, which has resulted from hundreds of studies on the subject. They found that a broad spectrum of colored light, in conjunction with near exposure to infrared light (used to activate the skin’s response to the colored light spectrum), was successful in stimulating cell regeneration of cells. bones, muscles and skin.